Frame With Clothespins DIY

If you read Monday's post, you'll know it was our 1 year anniversary, so I had to push my DIY day back a little bit.. forgive me? ;) Anyways, I wanted to create something to display some of our photos from our first year. When I saw this memo frame from shanty-2-chic.com, I knew it would be perfect.  So I made my version :) 

Glitter Clothespins
You will need: 
I used two coats, but it's kind of unnecessary because the glitter just goes on top. I also chose to do 3 of each color for a total of 12. I didn't know if I would use them all, but better to have too much than not enough :P 

You will need: 
*Not pictured: 3M hook that I used to attach frame to wall

*Side note: I split the clothespins and the frame into two parts for this post, but spray painting the frame was actually the very first thing I did, just because I wanted the frame to have a couple days to dry while I finished the clothespins. 
This is totally optional.. I used this 3M hook to hang the frame on the wall.

And there you have it :) A fun, simple way to display photos. I especially like it because it's so easy to switch out photos for new ones!  It's the first thing we've hung up in our room since we moved in two months ago.. Oops :P 


  1. Thanks for sharing this! We have a few frames of different sizes laying around. This would be a great way to use a couple.

  2. That is such a cute alternative to having multiple frames! It looks so easy too!

  3. This is super cute. I like that you used jute. I have seen a few with chicken wire but I am always afraid that will be so sharp. The jute is definitely a great option for this. :)